Dr. Lilliana Vazquez Rivera

Dr. Lilliana Vazquez-Rivera, M.D. is an ABIM double Board Certified Medical Doctor in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. She was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico where she completed her medical education at Ponce School of Medicine in 2008. She then moved Miami where she completed her residency in Internal Medicine Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2011 and continued her training there, completing her subspecialty in Infectious Diseases in 2013. Dr. Vazquez Rivera is proud of her Puerto Rican roots and knows the importance of inclusion and diversity. She is fluent in both, Spanish and English. Dr. Vazquez has been practicing medicine for 15 years, and believes in the importance of developing a long lasting relationship with her patients in order to help them live life to their fullest. Besides focusing on prevention, counseling and treatment of many medical conditions, she also dedicates her expertise in the prevention, treatment and management of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

“I am thankful and honored to care for my patients. They have showed me compassion, understanding and love and I learn from them every day. My goal is to be able to grow old along with my patients because we all deserve to be taken care of.”

Dr. Lilliana Vazquez Rivera has a new medical home. Come see her at her new practice, Glades Medical Centers, located in North Miami Beach.

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