Dr. Maria Chiu

Dr. Maria Chiu was born and raised in Havana Cuba. She studied Medicine at the Instittuto Superior De Ciencias Medicas De La Habana and became a licensed Medical Doctor in Cuba in 1992. Ms. Chiu practiced medicine in Cuba from 1993 through 1998 in a number of disciplines but focused her practice as a primary care physician.

After emigrating to Miami, Dr. Chiu worked first as a Medical Assistant and then as a Director of Operations for American Care Medical Centers. Ms. Chiu worked her way through Miami Dade College while earning a degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Since 2011, as a licensed Physician’s Assistant, Ms. Chiu has practiced primary care and family medicine, including clinical care rotations in Urgent Care, OB-GYN, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Geriatrics, Emergency Medicine.

Ms. Chiu has been treating patients, first as a medical doctor and later as a physician’s assistant since 1993. As a valued member of the Glades Medical Centers staff she is known for her expertise in internal medicine and her outgoing manner and attentive care to her patients.

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